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Hello, I'm Patrick Jouls. When I went to take my driver's test, I was notified that my vision did not meet the requirements. Although I didn't feel like I had problems seeing, I made an appointment with the optometrist anyway. The eye exam revealed that I definitely needed corrective lenses, especially if I ever wanted to drive on public roadways. I spent a lot of time talking with the eye doctor about the equipment used to measure vision. The equipment is all specially designed to measure different aspects of eye health and vision strength to create a complete picture of the patient's sight abilities. I want to explore optometrist tools and practices in detail on this site. I hope that you will tag along to learn more about the equipment used to measure visual abilities. Thanks for coming to my website.


3 Things To Avoid While Wearing Contact Lenses

9 April 2015
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If you are one of the many contact lens wearers in America, chances are you already know what protocol to follow in order to protect your eyes while using these medical devices: First thoroughly wash and dry your hands, then gently removing your contact lenses and wash them with some solution before storing them in an airtight case filled with fresh solution. Unfortunately, many don't usually adhere to these simple steps, let alone avoid many other things that their optometrist warns them against. Read More …

Tips For Caring For Your Prescription Eyeglasses

16 March 2015
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Your prescription eyeglasses are customized to your vision needs. They help to bring your vision into sharp focus. You no longer have to worry about squinting or struggling to read. Your optometrist works with you to help you select the best lenses and frames for your needs. An optician at a company like Bergh-White Opticians, Inc. helps you to pick treatments for your lenses, such as transition lenses or protective films that make your lenses more scratch-resistant. Read More …

Not All Colored Contact Lenses Are Created Equal

10 March 2015
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If you want to change your appearance in a fun new way, you might be considering colored contact lenses. The prospect of having brown eyes when you've always had blue can be pretty exciting. Before you rush to make colored contacts a part of your daily routine, however, you need to be aware of one important fact: not all colored contact lenses are the same, and not all colored contacts are good for your eyes. Read More …

Duane Syndrome: A Rare Eye Disorder

5 March 2015
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Duane syndrome refers to a group of eye muscle disorders that are present from birth. The disorder is more common in girls than boys and normally diagnosed by the time they are 10 years old. Duane syndrome causes abnormal eye movements because of a problem with certain cranial nerves that transmit electrical impulses to the eye muscles. Usually, only one eye (typically the left eye) is affected. Even if the disorder affects both eyes, one is affected more than the other. Read More …

3 Signs You May Need Cataract Surgery

1 March 2015
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Are you suffering from cataracts? Are you unsure of how best to treat them? Generally, cataracts are treated either through surgery or through corrective glasses or contact lenses. While surgery will usually completely eliminate the cataracts, surgery isn't always the best option. There are many situations in which surgery could be an unnecessary expense and inconvenience. In other cases, though, surgery could be the most effective option. Your optometrist will likely make a recommendation but leave the final decision up to you. Read More …