Not All Colored Contact Lenses Are Created Equal

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Not All Colored Contact Lenses Are Created Equal

10 March 2015
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If you want to change your appearance in a fun new way, you might be considering colored contact lenses. The prospect of having brown eyes when you've always had blue can be pretty exciting. Before you rush to make colored contacts a part of your daily routine, however, you need to be aware of one important fact: not all colored contact lenses are the same, and not all colored contacts are good for your eyes.

The Importance of Being Fitted For Lenses By An Eye Doctor

There are plenty of shady vendors who sell colored contacts without a prescription. They draw customers in by insisting that their contacts are safe because they're not for vision correction -- just changing eye color. This is a hoax, and falling for it could lead to serious eye damage. You should only ever buy colored contacts through your eye doctor, or through a reputable supplier who requires a prescription from your eye doctor in order to sell the lenses to you.

Everyone's eyes are different sizes, and thus everyone requires different size contacts. Wearing contacts that are not the right size for your eye can result in burning, itching, and a complete intolerance of contact lenses. The only way to measure your eyes for contacts is to visit your eye doctor, who can use special instruments to determine the ideal curvature and width for your contact lenses.

Different Types of Colored Contacts Your Eye Doctor May Recommend

In addition to coming in various sizes, colored contacts also come in several basic varieties. Your eye doctor can recommend the variety that's right for you based on the characteristics of your eyes.

Prescription colored lenses are given to people whose vision needs correction. They allow you to see clearly while also changing the color of your eyes. If your vision is 20-20 and you only want to change the color of your eyes with contacts, your eye doctor can prescribe plano colored contacts, which offer no vision correction.

Enhancement tint lenses are designed for wearers who only want to deepen or enhance the natural color of their eyes. For example, if you have pale blue eyes but want them to appear a deep blue, you could wear this type of lens.

Opaque colored lenses are designed for people who want to dramatically change their eye color. This is the type of lens you would wear if you had blue eyes but wanted to make them look brown, or if you had brown eyes, but wanted them to look purple.

If you want to change the color of your eyes with contacts, make sure you see an eye doctor to get the lenses that are right for your eyes. Wearing cheap lenses from an underground vendor or borrowing your friend's lenses is not healthy for your eyes and can have dangerous impacts on your vision.

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