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Hello, I'm Patrick Jouls. When I went to take my driver's test, I was notified that my vision did not meet the requirements. Although I didn't feel like I had problems seeing, I made an appointment with the optometrist anyway. The eye exam revealed that I definitely needed corrective lenses, especially if I ever wanted to drive on public roadways. I spent a lot of time talking with the eye doctor about the equipment used to measure vision. The equipment is all specially designed to measure different aspects of eye health and vision strength to create a complete picture of the patient's sight abilities. I want to explore optometrist tools and practices in detail on this site. I hope that you will tag along to learn more about the equipment used to measure visual abilities. Thanks for coming to my website.


Toys For Children That Pose The Risk Of Eye Injury

11 March 2016
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Some toys may look like they will give a child hours of playtime fun when actually they put a child at risk of injury. When considering the safety of a toy, possible eye injuries, such corneal abrasions, corneal ulcers, retinal detachment, and bleeding inside the eye, often aren't something parents or grandparents think about when purchasing toys for children. Unfortunately, depending on the severity of an eye injury, a child can suffer permanent vision loss. Read More …

Tips For Choosing Eyeglass Frames That Match Your Face

12 February 2016
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Picking the right frames for your glasses is important since the wrong frames could affect your appearance in a negative way. Glasses shouldn't overpower your face or draw attention to your flaws. If you pick the right frames, glasses can enhance your appearance. Here are a few simple tips to keep in mind. Choose A Contrasting Shape The shape of your glasses frames will have an effect on the overall shape of your face. Read More …

3 Tips To Reduce Swelling After Cataract Surgery

6 January 2016
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A cataract is usually located in the lens of your eye, so this makes it difficult to use your vision for a variety of things. Cataract surgery involves creating an incision in your eye and breaking up the cataract into tiny pieces. Once the surgery is completed, the incision will usually seal on its own and your eye should recover within a few days. However, you may experience swelling around your eye following surgery. Read More …

Computer Users: How To Treat Your Dry Eye Condition

10 December 2015
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Dry eyes are usually just an annoyance for most people, but, in some cases, it can lead to serious eye health issues. Problems with dry eyes have grown more pronounced over the years as computer use has risen and more people spend hours staring at a bright computer screen for work and play. People who spending a lot of time on a computer tend to blink 66% less of the time than those who are not staring at a computer screen. Read More …

3 Things To Know About Broken Blood Vessels In The Eye

16 November 2015
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If you look in the mirror and find that the white part of one of your eyes is no longer white but is red, you may instantly worry that there is a serious problem. While this might be a sign of a serious issue, it most likely is just a broken blood vessel in your eye. This is a relatively common issue people experience with their eyes, but it is usually nothing to worry about. Read More …