Your Teen Hates Glasses But Has Bad Vision: Clear Days Are Ahead With Contacts

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Your Teen Hates Glasses But Has Bad Vision: Clear Days Are Ahead With Contacts

30 October 2015
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If your teen needs glasses or wears glasses and you are tired of all the problems that come along with them, it's time to consider ditching the glasses and getting contacts. There are many advantages to using contacts instead of frames, and you teen may like the idea of contacts better. Here are a few reasons you should talk with your ophthalmologist about the possibility of your teen getting a prescription for contacts instead of glasses.

Avoid Damage and Repair Expenses

If your teen takes their glasses off to rub their eyes or fix their hair and sets them down around the house or at school, the glasses could get bumped, sat on, tossed out or damaged in another way. They could also get lost. This could leave you paying for replacement lenses, new frames, or for an entirely new pair more often than you can afford. With contacts, the teens puts them in and they aren't touched again until they are removed, and some are disposed of every day.

Protect the Eyes

If your teen gets hit in the face with a ball in gym class, or if they trip and fall, they could end up breaking the frames or glass and harming themselves. The glasses could cut, and a broken frame could badly scrape the skin. You don't have to worry about this with contacts.

Try Vision Correction Lenses  

There are some contacts you wear at night while you sleep, and they help correct the vision so there are no contacts or glasses that need to be worn during the day. This is ideal if your teen is an active athlete or if they do welding or something else that makes it difficult to wear corrective eye wear. The product is called vision shaping treatment contacts.  

Keep Spares Available

Glasses can also be difficult to replace, and if something happens, your teen may have to go a few days or longer without getting the prescription that they need. With contacts, they can carry around an extra set because the lenses are affordable and easy to transport in a case.This is ideal if your teen is away from home at camp or at a friend's house, or if they have a prescription that isn't commonly carried in stores but has to be ordered.

Don't make your teen wear glasses if they don't want to. Instead, find out if contacts will work for them. For more information, contact a local optometrist like Jeffrey C. Fogt, OD